San Francisco Natatorium

The concept of this natatorium is inspired by the relationship of the swimmer and the water when they are using the pool. Water splashes are immediate results the interaction between human and water. The concept is derived from the magnitude and frequency of the water splashes. The sculpture then becomes the core of the design. The folded structure and roof enable us the avoid having any vertical obstruction and also supports the floor slabs. The result is an elegant element that connects different pools in the natatorium.

Long Section

The folding concept is the primary structure in the natatorium, inspired by the magnitude and the frequency of water splashes made in using different kind of pools. It is about the relationship of the users and the water. This folded reinforced concrete structure not only allows a column free area for the lap pool but also supports the floor plates. Visitors are invited to play inside the folded structure at the children’s pool and hot pool area.

eploded-iso-edited Exploded Structural Diagram

Facade facing Bryan Street

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