Smart Bus Stop

This Smart Stop Assignment is to entertain people who have been waiting for their buses a long time. Because the site is in a quiet neighborhood, it serves mainly for the residents nearby This project started by researching the light changes observed on site, it was later brought as a light performance associated with music. The intensity of the sunlight was captured, and it controlled the volume of music. Higher intensity of the sunlight tuned up the music volume. When there is no obvious change in sunlight, the other sensor measures the light changes brought about by the bus. The speakers were set at the height of the ear level when a person is sitting on the stool, to ensure the “audience” is voluntary.



The gradation of the light intensity is different in each interval depending on how much light is filtered by the cloud. The different intensity of sunlight casting on the road reminds me the dimming light when we play with the tuner to have your optimum brightness, in this case the “dimming devise” is a natural phenomenon. Not only could it be the sound installation but could be spread at a city’s extend, making the rhythm of the vertical bars based on the site location.


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