Algea Power Plant

Ripples represent the touch of water as a metaphor of taking resources from nature for the biofuel industry. Curves are introduced in the building form to bring smoothness and dynamics, and also matches the ripple rings of an algae pool. A curved green roof is added to connect leisure, work and accommodation. A snow covered roof in winter transforms it into small skiing tracks, bringing some fun to the hard-working researchers and the visiting kids. The building is highly sustainable, producing its own energy. Wasted heat is used to grow algae inside the building, and wasted water will also be treated with algae. On top of being carbon zero, the program also minimises harm to the environment.DiagramS-Ele

This program aims to weave and merge the areas of raw material collection/cultivation, research & educational labs and other recreational facilities. Some of the spaces have seasonal functions. For example, when the sea is frozen, the open pond for growing algae becomes the perfect observing ground for algae for educational purpose and also other recreational services such as ice-skating on algae. Wood collection could be aesthetically merged with the temporary housing. Production plant would stand alone as they are more machine-based though (merging with a research centre might still be possible). The bubbles are drawn in relative scale to compare relative sizes to each other. Green and brown are used to denote the bubbles on the production/ human side.


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